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Single Thread DADR Bag Closing Machine

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Single Thread DADR Bag Closing Machine

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The Single Thread DADR is a sturdy sewing device that successfully sews bag ends together. It is a very effective device for sealing bags of salt, sugar, rice, flour, food items, agricultural products, fertilisers, and chemicals (particularly if they are bulk-packed). Major industries like those that produce WHEAT, RICE, and other items use it extensively since it is a very practical method of delivery for these goods. Additionally, it is perfect for companies shipping goods that need bulk packaging.

The bags are stitched constantly by a single needle in the Single Thread DADR. It has a drive of 1/10 HP, 8000 RPM, and stitched at a rate of 1600–1800 per minute. The machine can stitch on all varieties of poly bags made from HDPE, P.P., BOPP, JUTE bags, and more. It sews the bags at a length of 7.2mm. Because it is simple to use, even those without technological expertise can use it. The Single Thread DADR is simple to move around and travel thanks to its lightweight 5.5kg.

1. The bag is stitched using single thread DADR along its entire 7.2mm length.

2. The sewing machine can stitch about 400 bags each hour.

3. Lightweight for simple travel and movement.

4. Sews on all varieties of polybags, including those manufactured of HDPE, P.P., BOPP, JUTE Bag, etc.

Specification Value
Model No. DADR
Speed 1600-1800 Stitches Per Minute
Drive 1/10 H. P., 8000R.P.M.
Pitch 7.2mm
Stitch Single Thread
Weight 5.5kg

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