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Tin Cap Closing Machine

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Tin Cap Closing Machine

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Round bottles are sealed off using a semi-automatic tin cap sealing machine, sometimes referred to as a capping machine, at a rate of 15 to 25 bottles per minute. The cam and follower system of our semi-automatic machine does not require manual sealing pressure.

Working Principle Of Tin Cap Sealing Machine

When using a semi-automatic capping equipment, just one person is needed to feed the bottles and sealing caps. Then, one by one, these bottles are positioned beneath the sealing head. Without the need for manual pressure, the sealing head automatically completes the threading and sealing operation.

The operator also keeps an eye on the machine's operations and controls.


An industrial and general packing operation might use a tin cap sealing machine.

The agricultural, cosmetic, chemical, food, and beverage industries can all use this machine.

This device is also employed by businesses that manufacture goods for the home and medical use.

Round cans, glass, peel, and aluminium are all appropriate for it.

It has a small, straightforward design.

Its structure is made of sturdy stainless steel.

All of the components are constructed using premium raw materials.

It's simple to use this device.

Its operation and maintenance costs are modest.

There are many bottle adjustments.

It is portable and lightweight.

Specification Value
Automation Grade Semi automatic
Voltage 220 V- 240 V
Capacity 15-25 tin cap/ min
Driven type Electric
Suitable Diameter 45 mm to 110 mm
Suitable Container Hight 39 to 200 mm
Machine Diameter L-65 X W-35 X H-80 cms
Machine Weight 65 Kg

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