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Tong Sealing Machine SPS400T

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Tong Sealing Machine SPS400T

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In many sectors, the Tong Sealing Machine 400SPS equipment tool is crucial for sealing products. The variable sealing option offered by these tongs enables users to seal at various heights, angles, and critical situations. In the packaging sector, tong sealers are frequently used, particularly for sealing plastic bags, pouches, and other packaging materials. The high-quality materials used to construct the heat-sealing tongs provide them durability and longevity.


Flexible sealing for successful outcomes.

They are perfect for newbie users because they don't require technological knowledge.

maximum life tong sealer, strong and durable

The tongs' temperature can be changed to meet the needs of the sealed product for the best possible seal.

It is portable and lightweight, making it simple to move around with and utilise in many settings.

Specification Value
Model No SPS400T
Power 240V/470W
Sealing Size 400*1.6 (mm)
Inch 36 Inch
Dimensions in mm 1230*335*1180
Weight 8.5kg

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