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Tray Sealing Machine SPTS 200

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Tray Sealing Machine SPTS 200

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This incredible device is from Smart Pack. The trays' edges are sealed with it. It is designed to give the packages an impeccable finishing touch.

There is less likelihood of leaking with this equipment. It is a little device that you may put anyplace in your workplace or manufacturing facility.

As it guarantees the food's cleanliness and freshness, it is the finest machine to use for packing processed foods. Due to its advantages, the equipment has seen extensive use in the food business. And among those benefits, the most important one is that it enables food to be kept for an extended period of time.

Because it is simple to use and packs the trays securely to prevent leaks, you will likely find this machine in the majority of eateries. It is also a strong and dependable machine.

Simply insert the tray in the machine's holder, and the device will automatically cut the film to fit the tray's dimensions and seal it.

This machine is available for a very reasonable price, allowing you to put your time and effort towards other endeavours. Please place your order at this time.


1. Improved Durability.

2. Keeps things new.

3. The machine will automatically cut and seal the film after the tray is inserted into the holder.

Specification Value
Model No. SPTS-300
Voltage (V/Hz) 220/50
Total Power 800w
Tray Size in mm (L*W) 300*225 (5
Sealing Speed ( Per hour) 350 to 500
Dimension in mm (L*W*H) 580*360*380
Weight 24kg

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