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Vertical Band Sealing Machine (10kg)

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Vertical Band Sealing Machine (10kg)

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The "Vertical Band Sealer" The band seals the product vertically up to 10 kg, as the name implies. According to the desired length, the machine's height can also be changed. The machinery has a conveyor with variable speed. It is completely movable. The strength of the product might also be related to nitrogen suction. Large packets of wheat, powder, chemicals, insecticides, spices, seeds, putty wall, and cement can all be sealed with this machine. Definitely utilised by businesses that produce and distribute veggies like potatoes and onions; good for transportation.

There is no demand for practical operation. Simply place the filled bags on the roller bands beneath the conveyor. The product is sealed using the appropriate heat and pressure from the sealing device. The product advances through the band in this way before being released at the other end.


1. This device is designed specifically to seal stand-up grain sacks.

2. Users can modify this gadget to suit their preferences.

3. Simple to use.

4. Strongly specialised.

Specification Value
Model No. Power Coating 900 LW
Temp. Range 0-300*C
Power(Watt) 1000 W
Sealing Speed 8Mtr
Sealing Width 8-10mm
Sealing Height from Conveyor 230-450mm
Sealing Size in mm 12 mm
Voltage AC 220V, 50HZ
Conveyor Width 200mm
Weight 80kg

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