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Vertical Sealer (10kg)

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Vertical Sealer (10kg)

Vertical Sealer (10kg)

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This machine is used for sealing various pre-made pouches and it is a best sealing equipment to be widely used in food KEYWORDS:- pouch packing machine second hand,box packing machine,manual pouch packing machine price, packaging machine in India, packaging machine in Jaipur, packaging machine in Chennai, packaging machine in Pune, packaging machine In Bhubaneswar, packaging machine Rajasthan, packaging machine in Madhya Pradesh, packaging machine in gujrat,

Model No. Power Coating 900 LW
Temp. Range 0-300*C
Power(Watt) 1000 W
Sealing Speed 8Mtr
Sealing Width 8-10mm
Sealing Height from Conveyor 230-450mm
Sealing Size in mm 12 mm
Voltage AC 220V, 50HZ
Conveyor Width 200mm
Weight 80kg

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