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Vertical Sealing Machine with Nitrogen Flush

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Vertical Sealing Machine with Nitrogen Flush

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Nitrogen flushing vertical band sealing machine As the name implies, this fills the product with nitrogen gas to seal the package and ensure durability. This nitrogen filling machine is frequently used to package culinary items including nankeen, cashews, and chips as well as medicines, chemical products, everyday things, and vegetable seeds. The name Gas flushing Machine with Sealing is also used for this. Have you ever wondered how chip packs last for such a long period without going bad? The reason is that the objects are filled with nitrogen gas to preserve them and keep them from spoiling.

Filling the packet with nitrogen makes it appear larger. Additionally, one must select the nitrogen pressure and can modify the time needed to seal one pouch. If the pouch is thick, set the temperature higher; if it is thin, set it lower. As a result, the thickness and thinness of the pouch affect how the temperature is set. Once the packaging material has been placed on the band sealer conveyor, it will automatically advance and seal the pouch. An 8 mm wide pouch is sealed with a band sealer.


1. Extremely user-friendly; no technical expertise is needed.

2. To maintain the pouch's resilience and store it for longer, fill it with nitrogen gas.

3. We may also specify how long it takes to seal a single pouch, which improves productivity by hastening the process.

Specification Value
Temp. Range 0-300*C
Power 500 W
Sealing speed 0-12mtr/min.
Sealing width 8-10mm
Dimension(mm) 800X 380 X 550
Voltage AC 220, V50HZ
Compressed Air Supply 6-10 Bar
Weight 35 kg

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